CBD Products: What Forms Does CBD Come In?


What Kinds of CBD Products Can You Buy?

In recent years, CBD finally gained mainstream popularity as more and more people became aware of its many health benefits. This has many wondering how, exactly, they can enjoy the relaxing and relieving effects it delivers. So, what forms does CBD come in?

Let’s take a look at four of the most common CBD product varieties.

4 Common CBD Product Forms

·       CBD Oil

Among the most popular CBD forms is CBD oil. This highly concentrated version of CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. Many people like to apply it to the skin topically, but it is generally strongest when taken orally. To ensure that you consumer the proper amount, CBD oil often comes in a special administering tube with carefully marked dosages.

·       CBD Hash

Another highly concentrated variety is CBD hash. Smoked like other varieties of hashish, CBD hash delivers the health benefits of CBD without the high that is typically associated with cannabis.

·       CBD Flowers

Ostensibly, CBD flowers look like any other cannabis flower. The only difference is, again, that you get all the health without the high. It’s a great alternative to smoking marijuana for those who are concerned about legal issues or don’t enjoy the “stoned” feeling.

·       CBD Dabs

For those who are looking for instant relief, nothing beats a CBD dab. The effect is fast and powerful, allowing you to dab up and get back to your day.

Try Different CBD Forms to Discover What’s Right for You

While each of these forms deliver the health benefits of CBD, each also offers a different experience. So which form of CBD is right for you? The best way to find out is to simply try a variety of products, and determine not only which provides the effect that you want, but an experience you’ll enjoy.

At KannaSwiss, we offer CBD in each of these forms, and we have new options in development now. So browse our store, and discover which variety suits you.

Contact KannaSwiss online to learn more about the different forms of CBD and which is right for you, or order one of our relaxing and relieving CBD products today.