Learn About the Benefits of CBD for Alzheimer’s


There Are 5 Ways CBD Helps to Combat Alzheimer’s

Few diseases are as heartbreaking as Alzheimer’s. For the person afflicted with it, life becomes a shadow of what it once was, and for their friends and loved one’s the change is often tremendously painful. Researchers have been wrestling with ways to prevent and cure this terrible disease, mostly to no avail. But recently studies have shown that CBD may deliver a range of benefits when it comes to combating Alzheimer’s.

5 Ways CBD Benefits People with Alzheimer’s

·       It can be preventative.

Experts theorize that one of the most important things one can do to prevent Alzheimer’s is actively maintain healthy brain tissues long before the disease rears its head. Studies have shown that CBD can deliver a range of benefits to brain tissue, helping to not only repair damaged areas, but stimulate the growth of new tissue altogether.

·       CBD fights the buildup of neural plaques.

One of the key markers of Alzheimer’s is the buildup of amyloid plaques, which are toxic to the brain. CBD has shown that it can decrease buildup from 22% to 7%.

·       It combats inflammation.

Research has proven that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and a large contributor to Alzheimer’s is the development of inflammation around neural plaques.

·       CBD might prevent cell death.

Studies have indicated that CBD has neuroprotective, anti-apoptotic, anti-oxidative qualities reduce neurotoxicity. In other words, it prevents the untimely death of brain cells.

·       It stimulates cell growth.

Not only does CBD stave off cell death, but it can actually help stimulate cell growth in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is most strongly tied to memory.

CBD Is a Powerful Tool for Preventing Alzheimer’s

Thanks to its manifold, beneficial side effects, CBD isn’t just useful for preventing Alzheimer’s – it can be useful for managing it once the disease has set in. CBD products can help stimulate or repress appetite, bolsters motor functions, and reduces agitation. Simply put, it can be vastly useful for making life more livable.

Bottom line – CBD might be the natural medicine you’re looking for.

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