5 Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety


Combat Your Anxiety With These Natural Remedies

An irrational sense of panic or worry, restless sleep, sweat and discomfort, difficulty breathing, nausea – whatever symptoms you experience, the cause shares one name: anxiety. For mild sufferers, that anxiety is an uncomfortable nuisance. To others, it can make life seem barely livable at all. It’s unsurprising that many people would look to “easy” solutions like pharmaceuticals, but more and more are looking for natural remedies to their anxiety.

So how can you ease or even prevent your anxiety naturally? Here are five suggestions.

5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

·       CBD

A slew of studies have proven that CBD can be a powerful treatment for anxiety relating to panic disorders, PTSD, OCD, social phobia, and more. CBD acts as a serotonin booster, meaning it facilitates the signals between serotonin and serotonin receptors. Serotonin is essential to the body’s ability to regular anxiety and mood.

·       Exercise

Few things are as powerful as exercise when it comes to regulating mood and anxiety. Exercise not only releases a slew of happiness-inducing chemicals and hormones (including serotonin), but it helps to combat low self esteem and illness, both of which are common drivers of anxiety.

·       Chamomile

Chamomile tea and supplements contain compounds similar to those found in drugs like Valium. A recent study showed that participants (all of whom experience generalized anxiety disorder) who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks saw significant drops in anxiety compared to participants who took a placebo.

·       Lavender

Studies have shown that lavender supplements and even just the smell of lavender essential oil or the plant itself can have dramatic effects on anxiety. One German study showed that the supplements can be as effective as drugs like Ativan or Valium.

·       Omega-3s

Fish oils are renowned for their ability to support heart health, but research is also indicating that they can be good for anxiety as well. In one study it was found that students who took omega-3 supplements regularly for twelve weeks experienced less pre-exam anxiety than students who took a placebo. So take your supplements, or be sure to eat plenty of cold water fish like salmon, sardines, or anchovies.

Natural Ways to Prevent Anxiety

The struggle against anxiety is difficult, but you don’t always have to look to pharmaceuticals with their potentially harmful side effects. Nature has proved us with a slew of natural anxiety remedies, so you can enjoy life without worry or drugs.

So experiment with these and other natural anxiety remedies. The only thing you have to lose is your anxiety.

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