3 Ways KannaSwiss Improves the Quality and Potency of Our CBD


At KannaSwiss We Produce Only the Best CBD

As science has revealed more and more health benefits to using CBD, more and more companies have begun producing it. It is inevitable that the quality of the CBD products produced by these wide-ranging companies will vary greatly. On one hand, you’ll have the companies that mass produce as fast and cheap as possible, hoping to maximize profits. On the other, you see companies that slow down and put more effort into producing quality CBD.

At KannaSwiss, we fall into the second category.

So how do we ensure that our CBD products maintain the highest degree of quality and potency? We use a lot of methods, but here are three that stand out.

3 Keys to KannaSwiss Quality CBD

·       We use top-quality strains.

At KannaSwiss, we start by using some of the most renowned strains in the world. We use seeds from the famous producer Dinafem, and grow CBD rich strains like OG Kush, Strawnana, and the award-winning CBcanD. These top-quality strains ensure potency and delicious flavor.

·       We do most of our process by hand.

We are firm believers in the unrivaled craftsmanship that comes through producing a product by hand. That’s why we use hands-on methods in many stages of our growing and production process as possibility. Forget about mass-produced mediocre products that are pumped out by machines. At KannaSwiss, we believe that a personal touch delivers perfection.

·       We go the extra step.

Most CBD producers make their products as quick and dirty as possible, but at KannaSwiss we do the opposite. We actually add in extra steps that bolster the quality of our products. This might take more time, but the result is worth it. For example, we use the process of chromatography, which separates out a range of impurities while retaining healthy elements like CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenes, vitamin E, and fatty acids. We also put our products through another step that converts the acidic cannabinoid CBDa into pure CBD, which delivers more potency and a better taste.

Experience the Top-Quality CBD of KannaSwiss

Whether you’re looking for CBD oil, hash, dabs, or flower, you’ll find products of paramount perfection at KannaSwiss. We got into this business because we love CBD, and you can see that in the quality of everything that we produce.

Contact KannaSwiss to learn more about how we ensure the quality of our products, or go ahead and order our CBD of unrivaled potency and perfection online.