Upcoming News from KannaSwiss


Check Out the Latest News from Europe’s Leading CBD Producer

Since launching several years ago, KannaSwiss has quickly emerged as the leader in the European CBD market. We’ve built our reputation upon the quality and purity of our CBD extract, along with the expansive range of product forms we offer. As KannaSwiss is committed to pushing the forefront of CBD development, we always have exciting things ahead. Let’s take a look at a few tidbits of KannaSwiss news.

What’s Next for KannaSwiss?

·       New Products

We’re excited to announce that we have a range of new products hitting the market in the near future, including CBD beverages, condition-specific supplements, and more.

·       Furry Friends

KannaSwiss isn’t just creating new products for people. We’re also working on CBD remedies for your furry friends. Keep an eye out for CBD-infused treats and other products for dogs and cats.

·       Research

There is always more to learn about the health benefits of CBD, and that’s why KannaSwiss is supporting a number of studies into the effects of CBD on conditions such as depression, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.

KannaSwiss: Pushing the Boundaries of CBD Innovation

At KannaSwiss, we’re always seeking more ways to provide relief to our customers. We accomplish this by offering an ever-expanding range of products to meet your needs (and those of your furry friends!), and by supporting research into the many benefits CBD has to offer.

Contact KannaSwiss to learn more about the company, or go ahead and order our CBD products of unrivaled potency and purity online now.