Recent Media Coverage of KannaSwiss CBD Products

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KannaSwiss has Been Getting Noticed by the Media

Over the past several years, KannaSwiss has grown its reputation for being the leader among CBD producers in Europe when it comes to quality and purity—not to mention sheer volume. As a result, we’ve been getting a lot of media coverage as of late. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the media outlets that have taken notice of KannaSwiss excellence.

Media Coverage of KannaSwiss CBD

·       Bloomberg

·       Health Europa

·       Reuters

·       Dinafem

·       Paris Match

·       Handelsblatt

·       France Info

·       Vice

·       CNBC

·       Le Temps

·       CNN Money Switzerland

Why Is KannaSwiss Getting Media Coverage?

Between the ever-expanding research that attests to the many health benefits of CBD and the fact that KannaSwiss is widely regarded as one of the top producers in the market, it’s no wonder the media has taken notice.

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