Tips for Controlling Appetite


A Few Ways You Can Control Your Appetite Naturally

When it comes to hunger, people tend to experience it one of two ways – either they’re always hungry all the time, or they struggle to get up an appetite. Both of these can be severe problems. For some, constant hunger means discomfort, unhealthy weight gain, and a range of health problems that can come with obesity, such as diabetes. For others, a lack of appetite can be just as problematic, causing unhealthy weight loss and the issues that accompany that. As a result, many people from both camps find themselves wishing for a natural way to control their appetite.

Happily, there are a range of solutions. Let’s take a look at a few.

Natural Solutions to Appetite Loss and Appetite Suppression

First, let’s look at appetite suppression. There are a number of ways to reduce your appetite naturally:

·       CBD has been found to modulate hormone receptors that drive hunger, leading to a drop in food consumption.

·       Drinking plenty of water can often help as dehydration is easily mistaken for hunger.

·       Starting the day with breakfast helps to regulate your metabolism, staving off that feeling of all-day hunger.

·       High protein foods make you feel more full, and tend to break down slower.

·       Chewing more slowly allows your body time to release hormones that let you know when you’re full.

·       Ginger is a subtle stimulant that supports digestion and eases hunger.

·       Avocado is rich in healthy, monounsaturated fats, which send signals to your brain that your stomach is full.

·       Apples are rich in fiber and pectin, both of which help your body feel more full.

·       Dark chocolate slows digestion (meaning you feel fuller longer), and its bitter flavor signals your body to reduce appetite.

Now, for boosting appetite:

·       CBD can also help boost appetite in people who suffer from a variety of conditions thanks to its ability to calm the nervous system.

·       Regular exercise helps to increase your metabolism, which results in increased appetite.

·       Fruit and other high-fiber foods can help facilitate digestion, which drives hunger.

·       Several small meals a day can be easier for people with low appetite to consume than two or three large meals.

·       Calorie dense meals essentially help by sneaking in hidden calories. For example, you’ll get more calories from oatmeal made with milk rather than water. Or drink juice rather than water. Or add dried milk or olive oil to your recipes. Bottom line – sneak in calories wherever you can.

Is CBD the Natural Appetite Control You’ve Been Looking For?

For some, CBD acts as a powerful appetite suppressant, allowing them to limit their food intake and control their weight. For others, it helps to drive appetite, which can be life-saving when you’re coping with an illness or condition that has robbed you of your desire to eat.

So is CBD right for you? Give it a try and find out.

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Nick Hilden