How Is CBD Oil Made?


A Beginner’s Guide to Making CBD Oil

The many health benefits of cannabis can be drawn out in any number of ways, from smoking it to eating it to applying it topically. One increasingly popular method involves extracting the cannabinoid CBD and making it into an edible oil. But how is CBD oil made?

Let’s take a quick look at the most common methods.

How to Make CBD Oil

·       Gather plant material

CBD is present in flowers from both THC rich cannabis and low THC hemp, so the first step involves growing either of these to maturity, then harvesting the flowers.

From there, the CBD can be extracted through a variety of methods, two of which are the most common.

·       CO2 extraction

This involves using pressurized, low temperature carbon dioxide to isolate then preserve the CBD. This method is more costly, but results in a safer, more potent finished product.

·       Ethanol extraction

By using high-grade grain alcohol, a lower quality CBD oil can be produced that is primarily good for use in vape pens. This is a more affordable method, but it destroys many of the compounds that deliver the most health benefits.

Look for CBD Oil Made Using the Best Methods

Your goal should be to find CBD oil that is made using the best materials and methods possible. That means it is derived from top-quality cannabis strains, and that it is extracted using the CO2 method under laboratory conditions. This ensures that you’re enjoying products of unrivaled flavor and potency.

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