About KannaSwiss: Why We Decided to Go Into CBD


The History of Switzerland’s Premium CBD Producer

Cannabis has been used in a variety of medicinal capacities for just about as long as there have been people, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that CBD specifically was isolated, extracted, and recognized for its own curative powers. Back then it was a widely accepted remedy. Even Queen Victoria used it to ease her menstrual cramps. Then in the early 20th century, CBD and all things cannabis got a bad name, and it wasn’t long before prohibition pushed them underground.

That all began to change in the late 1990s when legalized medicinal cannabis began gaining a foothold, and within ten years, researches had established the healing powers of CBD.

Shortly after that, KannaSwiss was born.

KannaSwiss Was Born Out of a Love and Appreciation for CBD

In 2014, KannaSwiss was launched by a team of longtime cannabis enthusiasts who recognized the need to share the life-changing benefits of CBD. At the time one KannaSwiss foundehad been growing cannabis for more than two decades.

Since KannaSwiss launched, our product lines have grown to include CBD oil, flowers, hash, and dabs, and that’s just the beginning. We’re constantly working to find new ways to enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD.

At KannaSwiss, we never use fast, cheap shortcuts to produce our CBD products. These kinds of thoughtless methods not only produce products that are inferior in terms of quality, taste, and potency, but they can actually be physically dangerous.

Instead, we’re committed to doing as much of the process by hand as possible. Instead of taking shortcuts, we add in extra steps to extract as many impurities as possible while retaining all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamin E, and fatty acids necessary to deliver maximum effectiveness.

Experience the Relief of CBD from KannaSwiss

Bottom line – at KannaSwiss, we’re in it for the health, period. Our products are made with care and patience to ensure they provide the potency and quality you need to get back to enjoying your life.

So try our CBD oil, hash, flowers, or dabs today, and keep an eye open for our upcoming releases. The future is filled with health.

Contact KannaSwiss today to learn more about the health benefits of CBD, or shop online for our premium quality CBD products.